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I belong to... Mainland Young Milk Producers: Jason Prinse

Published on 30 October 2015
jason prinse

Age: 28

Location: Chilliwack, British Columbia



History of your dairy, in a nutshell: Our dairy farm was established by my grandparents, Adrian and Nellie, who emigrated from Holland to Canada in 1955 and established Prinse Farms in 1959.

I currently manage the farm with my wife, Danielle, where we milk 85 cows three times a day in a freestall barn. We moved to our current location with upgraded facilities two years ago. We have a passion for breeding and developing cows for the barn and show ring.

If I were not a dairyman … I would be involved in dairy genetics. I worked as an A.I. technician for two years, which developed my passion for Holstein genetics.

How long have you been a member of this organization? I have been involved in the board for approximately six years, three as a member and the past three as a board member.

Why did you join this organization? I joined to gain more knowledge about the political and policy side of the dairy industry.


A little-known fact about this organization is … Every year, there are great opportunities to attend conferences all over the country where important decisions are made regarding Canadian agriculture and dairy farming. Being a part of these discussions is important for young producers as it relates to the future of our businesses.

My favourite representative or employee of this organization is … Our manager, Christine Koch – without the knowledge, organization and dedication she brings to the board I don’t think we would be as successful as we are.

As farmers we all have busy schedules, so she helps manage all of our meetings and events and keeps us up to date with what’s going on.

What the organization does best is … Develops, connects and empowers young dairy enthusiasts from all over the Fraser Valley region.

I feel accomplished as a member when … We are able to bring young producers together from different areas, who may not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise, and talk about issues that we all deal with and ways to improve the industry.

An influential or interesting person I have met through this organization is … The members of Mainland Milk Producers and the BC Milk Marketing Board. They are the umbrella organizations for MYMP, and some of our members will go on to be part of those boards.


He or she is influential or interesting because … They provide mentoring through the board meetings we are invited to attend, events they sponsor us to attend and advice they offer.

The senior members have shown endless support and willingness to guide us and provide a great support system to help our organization and individuals succeed.

The dairy industry’s greatest opportunity is … In the quota system that provides sustainability for farmers. It creates an industry that past, current and future dairy farmers can be proud of.

Maintaining a stable and successful career is supported in this system and allows for us as young people to plan for our futures.

I hope my dairy legacy is … To help provide an industry that is always searching to improve on our farming practices. I want to strive for a system that allows growth, opportunity and success for all producers.

My advice to all dairymen/dairywomen is … To take advantage of all your surrounding support systems. This may be local farmers, politicians or other outside vendors and affiliates (such as bankers, accountants, industry services, general public, etc). Get involved in your local organizations and look to others for advice.

The future of your farm and the entire industry calls for young members that are willing to take on leadership roles and stand up for a system they believe in.  PD

Mainland Young Milk Producers
35390 McCorkell Drive
Abbotsford, BC
V3G 2C3

Founded: 2007

Members: 8 board members with an approximate membership of 350.

Mission: Develop, connect, and empower young dairy farmers.