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Editor’s note: The following blog is reprinted with permission from dairy blogger Krista Stauffer. Follow more of her dairy marriage advice at her website.

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It wasn’t an easy start for Amanda O’Connell and her soon-to-be husband, Jason. (They married in 2008.) The young couple was talking about starting farming and had considered dairy sheep or beef cattle as options, but the family dairy farm drew them back to cows.

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In the realm of higher education, there are two classifications of dairy science professionals, according to Dr. Robert T. Marshall, Arbuckle Professor Emeritus at the University of Missouri: the specialist and the generalist.

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Age: 56

Location: Surrey, British Columbia

History of your dairy, in a nutshell: Nicomekl Farms Ltd. is a second-generation farm established in 1957 and now operated by David and Sandy Janssens.

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Brian and Amber Craswell had a decision to make, a huge decision. Dairy farmers for many years, their 62-cow tiestall facility had outlived its usefulness. They had no room to expand, and the facility was labour-intensive.

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Age: 40

Location: Hamilton, Ontario

Your agricultural background, in a nutshell: My grandparents, Joe and Minna Loewith, arrived in Canada in 1938 after fleeing Czechoslovakia.

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