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Oceanbrae Farm got its start back in 1923 when John and Vera Barrett purchased 165 acres near Belmont, Prince Edward Island.

Their son, Keith, later took over, introducing the first Dual Purpose Shorthorns in 1950.

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The Elgersma family arrived in British Columbia by a circuitous route. Alice was born in Holland, then moved to Brazil, where she met her husband, Charlie Elgersma.

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“I always knew I would be farming in some way, shape or form ... preferably dairy,” Erin Anderson states.

Anderson grew up on a dairy farm and went on to earn a degree in agricultural sciences from the University of British Columbia.

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As you look around from the front door of the store, you are struck by the uncluttered peacefulness of the scene.

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“I did not do this for me ... this is for the next generation,” Charles “Chuck” Mattice comments.

The next generation is Chuck’s 26-year-old daughter, Emily.

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