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  • A new 40-stall interior rotary, herringbone milking parlour
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  • Transition cow failure
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  • Skid Loader
    Manure management and labour – you might be surprised Read More
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  • On behalf of Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC), Holstein Canada will be the service provider for animal care cattle assessments for a two-year contract beginning late in 2016. This means that Holstein Canada’s DFC-qualified staff will be responsible for assessing body condition score, injuries (hock, knee and neck) and lameness on a random sample of lactating cattle in milking herds across Canada.

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  • If you’re ever driving just outside of Surrey, British Columbia, and you spy a field of Holstein cows grazing next to the road, you just might be at Nicomekl Farms Ltd., which is known to the locals as the “farm that has the cows outside all of the time,” says farm owner David Janssens.

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  • The effects of heat stress on dry cows are profound. There are significant carryover effects into lactation with substantial economic implications. The deleterious effects of heat stress in the dry period cannot be corrected by improving the environment (cooling) for cows once they start milking. By any measure, the production and physiological effects on cows and the effects on the calf from heat stress on dry cows are significant contributors to lower overall milk potential, productivity and profitability.

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