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  • Four on-farm processors took the stage at Canadian Dairy XPO
    How four farmers have implemented on-farm processing Read More
  • Sorting using the Penn State Particle Separator tool.
    Sorting negates effective fibre in rations: How to avoid it Read More
  • A few members of the University of Calgary Lameness Research Team
    What Canadian cows are telling us about footbaths Read More
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  • When Anton Borst’s parents first moved to Halarda Farms in 1984, they had 100 cows, 400 acres and five children. Today, Anton and his wife, Cheryl, own and run the 800-cow, 4,500-acre and 80-head angus/angus-cross operation in Elm Creek, Manitoba, with their nine children.

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  • It is an exciting time in calf research. Over the past decade, several studies have challenged traditional approaches to feeding calves and showed the benefits of feeding more milk to improve health, growth rates, feed efficiency and animal welfare in dairy calves. One of the key findings of the past decade – which has motivated farmers to pay closer attention to calf management – is that the way we feed and manage calves during the pre-weaning period can influence milk production later in life.

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  • The first months of a calf’s life span are the most critical stages of development, where immune, digestive and metabolic systems are maturing, alongside rapid structural growth. The potential to develop to their full genetic capacity and best utilize this most efficient period of growth can be jeopardized and lost by poor health.

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