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  • John Kampman monitors automatic rotary parlour
    Automatic rotary parlour milks more cows in less time at Gracemar Farms Read More
  • The right location for a comfort brush
    When it comes to comfort brushes, placement matters Read More
  • Checking the milkers
    How to talk to your baby boomer parents Read More
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  • The immune system is comprised of many complex biological structures and processes that work together to protect an organism from disease. In the newborn calf, the immune system is functional, but naïve and immature. Unlike most mammals, cattle do not transfer antibodies or immunoglobulins via the placenta. Instead they transfer it through the colostrum.

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  • How do you breed more 100,000-kilogram cows than anyone else in the world? If you ask Dave Loewith, part owner of Joe Loewith & Sons Ltd, which currently holds that title according to Holstein International, he’ll tell you to focus on cow comfort. His reason: Comfortable cows stay in the herd longer and produce more milk.

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  • In farming, we have a culture of putting out the white picket fence and hiding our mistakes. Instead, we need to flip this attitude around and, instead of sweeping our mistakes under the rug, get really good at finding flaws and fixing them.

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