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February 1, 2017

Current Progressive Dairyman Canada Digital Edition

The February 2017 issue of Progressive Dairyman is all about the calves. Did you know if a calf can live past five minutes after birth, it’s likely to survive thereafter? Learn how to ensure your calves’ survival. Also, learn when is the right time to intervene during the calving process.

This issue will also discuss dry and transition cows. Read about the research that revealed more factors impacting ketosis. Looking to reduce antibiotic use? See how selective dry cow therapy could help.

Hoof health is another important topic to cover. Detect lameness earlier using an activity behaviour system. And is there a silver bullet to controlling digital dermatitis? See how cow hygiene and footbaths could be the ticket to battle digital dermatitis.

Also be sure to read Tim Moffett’s Valentine’s-themed article, “Cupid alert.”


Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 1 2017

January 1

In the first issue of the year, Progressive Dairyman focuses on feed and nutrition. Learn what the five key benefits of frequent feed push-up are. How is silage a lot like U.S. politics? Find out here. Also, what can we learn from the 2016 cropping season?

This issue will also discuss milk quality and parlour management. Winter is upon us; read these 13 tips to manage your parlour in the winter. And keep automatic milking systems running well in the cold weather.

Also covered is business planning. Read about how you should get better at your business before you go bigger. Beef up your negotiating skills and communicate better with your employees. Are you ready to start succession planning? Be sure you’ve selected the right consultant.