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    Designing a new dairy with ventilation and lighting in mind Read More
  • Adding feed to the TMR when wild yeast is present
    Wild yeasts: A perennial problem How to mitigate and prevent spoiled silage for the future Read More
  • The new parallel double-24 stall parlour at Wenlay Dairy
    Binnendyk brothers adjust to methodically planned barn expansion Read More
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  • In recent years, dairy researchers have argued the social and economic benefits of a longer, healthier life for cows. Dairy producers, as well as consumers, are increasingly interested in understanding exactly how improvements to cow environments, health and decision-making tools can positively influence the lifetime productivity of cows.

  • There is a growing understanding that lame cows, once identified, should be treated as soon as possible. This can be difficult when producers rely on hoof trimmers, which may not be available on short notice.

  • As a passionate farmer, you do everything you can to keep calves looking and performing their best. But what if one of the greatest opportunities to support calf health is something you cannot visually see?