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  • Gezinus Martens (right) and his sons, Ronny (left) and Johan (center).
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  • Automated health monitoring systems hold potential to expedite metabolic disease diagnosis
    Health data can only be helpful if translated into clear language Read More
  • Ensure adequate bunk space so calves aren’t competing for feed.
    Embracing change: Tips for transitioning calves to group housing Read More
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  • Tom Robinson grew up in Nova Scotia. Although his dad had left farming, Tom wanted to get into the business after he finished high school, so in 2003 his dad purchased a farm in Prince Edward Island, as quota could be obtained there at much less expense. This farm had old buildings, which were demolished to make room for a new facility, and a freestall barn with a double-six parallel milking parlour.

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  • It’s no surprise that dairy producers are always looking for ways to improve herd health, especially within the fresh cow members of the group. After all, the benefits of investing in healthy practices almost always outweigh the work.

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  • Farm transitioning can be a very stressful time. Change is never ceasing, but it still comes with more than a little heartburn for those of us who have been in the production side of agriculture on the same piece of the earth for more than a few years.

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