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March 1, 2018

Current Progressive Dairyman Canada Digital Edition

One of the main topics in the March issue of Progressive Dairyman is breeding. Find out how to get heifers pregnant faster with estrus detection and timed A.I. And which is better for your operation – in vitro fertilization or embryo transfer? Find out here. Also, here’s something to consider: Can dairy reproduction be too efficient?

Also included in this issue is cow comfort and manure. Learn the 5 pitfalls that compromise cow comfort. Or check out these cow comfort must-do’s for an extra few litres of milk. Also, see how manure handling doesn’t have to be a dirty job.


Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 1 2018

January 1

The first Progressive Dairyman issue of the year is focuses on feeding, milk quality and business planning. First, get six tips for maximizing the milking parlour and some advice on using cameras to improve feedbunk management. Then pick up a few tips on on-farm mycotoxin management and learn the pros and cons of milking parlours and milking robots.

Another focus in this issue is business planning. Get some advice on financial planning and learn about the habits of Canada’s most successful farmers. Emulating these habits may be just the thing to help your new year start out right.