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March 1, 2019

Current Progressive Dairyman Canada Digital Edition

The March issue of Progressive Dairyman focuses on A.I. and breeding, calves and heifers and manure. Find out how reproductive management practices vary across Canadian dairy farms. Also, invest in healthier cows by implementing the right genetics. And is it possible to have zero treatments and zero mortality in your calf program? See what Jodi Wallace has to say about achieving zero-zero calf care. Lastly, see one entrepreneur’s solution to dairy excrement.


Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 1 2019

January 1

The first Progressive Dairyman issue of the year covers a variety of subjects, including milking, business planning and dry and transition cows. Compare full versus partial automation in the milking center; which would be best for your operation? Or learn how to plan ahead by structuring your business plan with taxes in mind. Lastly, check out this new nutrition technology, bioactive metabolites, and how it can help support high-producing dairy cows by stabilizing rumen pH, increasing volatile fatty acid production and improving milk yield.

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 2 2019

February 1

The February 2019 issue of Progressive Dairyman covers a variety of topics, including management, feed and nutrition, cow comfort and hoof health. Learn how to protect your respiratory health while on the farm with these masks. Or learn how you can stay ahead of rising interest rates. Also, see how one dairy is drying hay to achieve top quality without depending on the weather. Lastly, improve cow comfort with these three low-cost tips.