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I belong to … Canadian Milking Shorthorn Society

Published on 01 June 2021
William Roy Dubuc

The Group Fleur de Lys Inc. started its activities in 2014. I am the owner, thanks to the support of my father, André Dubuc, and my mother, Johanne Roy.

The farm is located in Saint-Camille in Estrie, Quebec. The majority of our herd are Holsteins, but there are other breeds who also have their place: Milking Shorthorns and Jerseys are the two other breeds we own at the moment.



‘If I wasn’t a dairyman, I would be …’

That’s a good question to which I don’t have an answer. What I know is: I would try to find the elements that already fascinate me in my current career. Independence and versatility are certainly aspects I would want to have in a job.

How long have you been a member of this organization and why did you join?

I became director of the Canadian Milking Shorthorn Society (CMSS) in July 2020. For a few years now, an increasing number of Milking Shorthorns are found in Quebec, which motivated me to get involved in making the breed known as much as possible. CMSS Secretary Ryan Barrett has been an acquaintance for a few years, so when he offered me the opportunity to be part of the team, I decided to take my chance.

How has the organization grown since you’ve been involved?


In the last year, some examples of evolution and adaptation from the society include a moratorium on overage registrations, establishing a virtual National Show and holding an online annual meeting.

I feel valued as a member when …

At board of directors meetings, the board asks for my opinion on various subjects. As a young producer and director, I find it rewarding when directors with more experience are interested in my point of view.

Inside view of the farm groupe Fleur de Lys Inc

My favourite representative or employee of this organization is …

Clearly, the little red, white and roan cow herself. Her unrecognized potential and adaptability are what make her my favourite representative of the breed. In our herd, our Milking Shorthorns stand out because of their very low somatic cell count, above average fertility, fat tests above 5% and very low veterinary costs.


The most influential and interesting people I’ve met through the organization are …

In fact, there are two people who I met a long time before joining the CMSS: Serge Girard and Carole Beauregard. I met them before I became a farmer. They were my bosses. Ferme Serol in Roxton Falls, Quebec, was a place of learning and discovery for me. I discovered people there who were generous with their knowledge and who were passionate about cows. They offered me their trust – and for that, I am grateful to them.

I hope my dairy legacy is …

There are many people around me who inspire me – their work ethic, determination, fearlessness and analytical skills are characteristics I take away from them. Quite humbly, I would hope my work has at least inspired one person.

William Roy Dubuc with his partner, Noémie Masse, and their daughter Emma.

The dairy industry’s greatest opportunity is …

The opportunity for us, as producers, is to be able to speak for ourselves and to renew the conversation with the public. The gap between us is too big, and there is too much distortion between our reality and people’s perceptions. This is an opportunity we must seize before others do it for us.

My advice to tell all dairy producers is …

Whether on a professional or personal level, surround yourself with people who support you and who want you to succeed as much as you do. On my end, I try to surround myself with people who are more competent or who have more experience than me – it’s motivating, enriching and reassuring to know you can trust them no matter the situation. end mark

PHOTO 1: William Roy Dubuc with daughter Emma.

PHOTO 2: Inside view of the farm Groupe Fleur de Lys Inc.

PHOTO 3: William Roy Dubuc with his partner, Noémie Masse, and their daughter Emma. (They welcomed a new baby, Laurent, on Jan. 22.) Photos provided by William Roy Dubuc.