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Slideshow: Lintfield Farms

Published on 08 November 2017

Lintfield Farms was started by Ben and Annemieke Brinke when they moved to Canada in 1990. They purchased a 40-cow tiestall herd in Granton, Ontario, and began construction of a double-5 parlour and three-row freestall barn.

When their son Remco and his wife Karen joined the farm in 2004, they expanded to a double-10 parlour inside a new 200-stall barn. In 2012, they renovated the original freestall barn to house calves in individual, pair, triple and group pens depending on age. Last year, they built a new 40-stall internal rotary parlour with a sort system adjacent to the holding area for tending to the herd’s needs. Photos by Karen Lee.



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