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Compass: New online genetic software

Published on 30 November 2018

Coming in 2019, Compass is a new free online genetic software allowing you to “Navigate Your Herd’s Success.” Compass comes to you from Holstein Canada and the Canadian Dairy Network, with support from Zoetis Canada.

What is the web address?

Compass will be available online (



Why was it developed?

Compass is a free genetic software that gives producers exclusive access to the most up-to-date genetic information. CDN and Holstein Canada have worked together to take the guesswork out of breeding decisions.

Compass provides a look back at a herd’s breeding trends, makes projections into the future and gives producers an in-depth look at their current herd’s genetics. The program will suggest actions for each animal, such as genotyping or the use of sexed semen.

Ultimately, Compass will guide producers toward a genetic strategy that results in the highest return on their investment.

Who should use Compass?

Compass is available to all producers. Producers who are on milk recording or who use the classification program will have more detailed information available.

Is there a cost to use Compass?

Compass is free to all producers. All that is needed for use is a standard email address.


What are some unique features?

Compass has the ability to view trait trends over time. For example, users can view their genetic evaluations for fat yield or their foot angle over the last 10 years. It allows producers to customize a genetic index that works specifically to meet their goals faster.

Compass works with producers’ herd data to predict return on investments for several different breeding strategies and suggest the most optimal breeding strategy for each animal.

Compass allows for unbiased bull suggestions, which are filterable by semen code to suit the producer’s preference.

How does Compass work?

Compass takes into consideration data provided by CDN, Holstein Canada and Valacta/CanWest DHI. By using this data, producers are getting accurate, up-to-date information.

Compass uses herd parameters/stats in combination with analysis conducted by CDN geneticists to provide producers with strategies and recommendations.

What is importantto understand or utilize?

Compass has the ability to be fully customizable to help meet producers’ breeding goals. However, customizing the inputs is not required to use the program, as default values and breed averages will allow it to function as well.


Compass’ predictions will be most accurate for herds subscribing to services such as milk recording, classification and registration, since they will have more up-to-date genetic information as well as herd inventory.

Contact information

For more information regarding Compass, contact Brad Eggink at Holstein Canada or Brian VanDoormaal at Canadian Dairy Network.  end mark